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Why Gulmarg cable car is awesome

Gulmarg cable car is one of the highest cable car services in the world offering you joy ride up to 12293 ft. Gulmarg is one of the best places to visit ever. We keep on waking up with the amazing view and riding with the Himalayas as the background is even more amazing.But this time it’s even better than the higher ones Gulmarg in winter is a magnificent experience, fully covered in a white blanket of Snow which turns it into a skier’s paradise.

How many phases are in Gulmarg cable car

Gulmarg cable car has two phases phase 1 and phase 2, Phase 1 takes about 15 minute time and phase 2 30 minute time. But sometime it could go higher because of the climate. So, many people might think about what will be the best time to visit Gulmarg. In winter (October-March) The winters in Gulmarg that last from October to March and rest in the summer.

But if you love winter and snow Gulmarg is the best place to visit the reason for that is because it’s mountain get cover with snow and if you love skiing you can do that as well. In phase 2  the snow available all month from (January -December) and in December there is also skiing festival as well, If you want to learn skiing and want to do some adventure you should come. One more thing I want to add is the Gulmarg cable car cost for phase 1 which is Rs. 740.0 per adult & Child (3 to 10 Year) for phase I (Gulmarg to Kungdoor), and 950.0 per adult & Child (3 to 10Year) for phase II (Kungdoor to Aparwath) So, What are you waiting for come enjoy the beauty of nature.

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