Winter Wonderland Kashmir

winter wonderland

Gulmarg The Winter WonderLand

Jammu and Kashmir is home to one of the best ski resorts in the world. Come and enjoy skiing in Gulmarg Kashmir’s Winter Wonderland

From the gardens of heaven My lord chose a piece of land, He decorated it with green luster, blessed it with mighty mountain’s, The gushing water so pious, Overflowing with the splendor of jewel’s.The land is the seat of humanity it relieves the soul from the bars of materialistic position’s. Here every season brings it’s own charm, The land is called “KASHMIR”

Gulmarg Gondola is one of the highest cable car services in the world offering you joy ride up to 12293 ft 

Gulmarg in winter is a magnificent experience, fully covered in a white blanket of Snow which turns it into a skier’s paradise.

Snow envelops ski resort Gulmarg and gives it a dramatic view

winter wondurlust

Gulmarg is giving me one of the best powder trip ever. The weather stays in a cycle of sunny days after a few days of snowstorm, I keep on waking up with the amazing view you can see on my first photo, and riding with the Himalayas as background is even more amazing. Reality is usually not on par with expectations, but this time it’s even better than the higher ones

The moon beams fondled, stars shone upon me, 
sun’s rim dipped in me, each dawn, each dusk, 
I’ve come from golden mountains, 
veiled with clouds, 
I have come from a place in Heaven, 
I have chosen to fall in you.

I ran barefooted on all those craggy paths,
I have dripped all my blood, all my love, 
I have carved paths to reach you. 
I’ve engraved footprints for others to follow, who love, 
I have fought with each grain of soil, 
I’ve died, to fall in you.

You are my home, my abode, 
I have come to seek peace in you,
I have come to cry in you,to die in you, 
I need you to harbor me. 
I am a little verse, you are a Holy poem,
I have become a poet, to fall in you

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