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Over the mighty Khardung-La, on the edge of Shyok valley, lies India’s northernmost village. This is a road fairly less traveled, beyond Nubra Valley, longer perhaps, but with some of the best views ever. India’s last major settlement, Turtuk, is predominantly Muslim but does have a couple of gompas overlooking the Shyok river as well. Listen close as locals here speak an interesting Balti language that uses old Tibetan sounds no longer used in modern Tibetan. With wireless and Netflix taken over the gist of our lives, Turtuk is a magical elope.

No Wi-Fi, no food chains, limited electricity, and a unique language, Turtuk is at the other end of a time machine traveling into a totally different age. A Muslim village, in a Buddhist realm, within a Hindu-majority country -that’s Turtuk. The mixed ancestry shapes the culture of this village. Another factor of influence has been the opening of Turtuk to tourists from around the world.

Here, you’re not just in India; well, technically you are; but practically, three countries- Pakistan, China, and India altogether. The locals of Turtuk are more than happy to see tourists. Not only would this fetch you easy

photographs but also help you bond with them which is like one of the best feelings in the world. Get ready to experience a whole offbeat landscape of beauty with Kashmir-Package for more details get in touch with us today 

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